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10 Household Items Recalled in April 2017

Published on May 11, 2017 at 5:15 pm in Product Liability.

10 Household Items Recalled in April 2017

Just recently, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection released a May 2017 bulletin about household product recalls that affect children and homes with children in the state of Wisconsin. These recalls were issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in April 2017 and not all recalls were picked up by local media representatives.

If your household has any of the following items and you have small children in the house, you should pay attention to the information listed and follow the recommended courses of action corresponding to each:

Marin Mountain Bikes – Pine Mountain Bicycles

These bikes pose a hazard due to the rigid front forks that can bend or break during use or while jumping, causing the rider to crash and fall. For more information, see the full recall.

Zutano – Infant Cozie Booties

The non-slip rubber grips on the bottom of the booties can detach, posing a possible choking hazard to young children. See more information here.

Horizon Hobby – ECX Circuit, Ruckus, and Torment Remote-Controlled Model Vehicles

These remote-controlled model vehicles can pose a potential fire hazard if the electronic speed controls fail and short circuit. See here for more information.

Fred Meyer – Children’s Zipper Hooded Sweatshirts and Girl’s Bomber Jackets

The zipper pull on these sweatshirts and jackets can easily detach from the sweatshirts, posing a possible choking and laceration hazard to young children. Find out more here.

Target – Water-Absorbing Easter and Dinosaur Toys

If these small, water-absorbing toys are ingested or partially ingested, they can expand inside a child’s body and cause intestinal obstructions, causing severe discomfort, vomiting, dehydration, and more. Surgery is required if the toy is ingested and the toy may not present during an x-ray. See here for more information.

Xootr – Adult Kick Scooters

The steer support on these scooters can break during normal use, potentially causing the rider to fall and become injured. Full recall information can be found here.

Razor – RipStik Electric Motorized Caster Boards

The rear wheel on these boards can stop rotating and lock up when in use, posing a potential fall hazard to the user. Find out more information here.

Osprey – Poco Child Carriers/Backpacks

A child seated in this carrier can potentially slip through the leg openings, posing a serious fall hazard to young children. See more information about the recall here.

Vanguard Furniture – Bow-Front Chest of Drawers

These recalled chests of drawers do not comply to U.S. industry standards as they cannot be anchored to the wall, posing a serious tip-over and endangerment hazard to children. Find out more here.

Safavieh – Lingerie Chests

These chests do not comply to U.S. industry standards and are unstable when not anchored to a wall, posing a potential tip-over and entrapment hazard that may result in serious injury or death to small children. See more here.

In most cases, if you own a product listed above, you will be able to return the product for a full return. Recalls like this help keep our children safe before accidents and serious injuries can occur. By paying close attention to product recalls, you can protect your family.

Recalls, unfortunately, aren’t always enough to catch every defective or poorly-designed product that can potentially cause young children harm. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission does its best to catch products that may be unsafe, but product manufacturers often try to skip corners or cut costs when designating or manufacturing new household items or toys. This causes potentially dangerous products to become readily available on the market.

If your child was seriously injured by a toy or product that was advertised as safe, you may be eligible to file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. Doing so may allow your family to receive financial compensation that can go towards recovery costs. Additionally, a product liability claim forces the manufacturer to recall the product and place a safer model on the market that will not cause harm.

For more information, contact Urban & Taylor today. We care about Wisconsin’s families and can help yours.

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