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4 Baby Products Most Likely to Cause Injuries in Wisconsin

Published on Sep 14, 2017 at 4:08 pm in Product Liability.

Scientific American estimates that roughly 66,000 infants are injured every year in the U.S. due to accidents that occur while a baby product is being used. Due to how small and fragile infants are, products that are made for young children need to be manufactured with care. When product manufacturers do not keep this fact in mind or attempt to cut corners to conserve costs, products may injure children unnecessarily.

Parents in Wisconsin and everywhere throughout the Unites States should be cautious when buying the following products and do whatever research they can to ensure they buy an item that will not cause harm to their infant. Additionally, they should remember to always prioritize safety. Children should never be left unattended in a carrier, stroller, or device which may cause injury.

Here are the four baby products most likely to cause injuries in Wisconsin based on data between the years 1991 and 2011:

Mobility Toys and Products

16% of all infant injuries associated with baby products are caused by mobility and exercise toys like walkers, exercisers, and jumpers. Baby walkers, over the years, have gotten quite a bit safer for infants, but still pose a risk along with other mobility toys.


Baby strollers cause roughly 17% of infant product injuries. Most of these injuries occur when buckles or wheel locks fail to work or are not properly used. Also, parents should be cautioned to not place heavy items on top of/hanging off the back of strollers. This can cause a stroller to topple over and injury a child.

Cribs, Mattresses, and Bedding

Products used while sleeping account for 19% of all baby product injuries. Drop-wide cribs are no longer used due to the risks they pose, but many types of soft crib bumpers, soft bedding, pillows, blankets, and even stuffed animals can pose a choking or suffocation risk to young infants. Ill-fitting mattresses can also be dangerous.

Baby Carriers

Coming out on top, baby carriers account for roughly 20% of all baby product injuries. Most of these injuries occur when an infant isn’t properly buckled or strapped in. Many other injuries occur when an infant is placed on a high surface such as a countertop instead of on the floor while in a carrier. Utmost caution is required when using these carriers.

Most injuries, as reported above, occur due to falling. Regardless if a child is seemingly safe inside a carrier or crib, falling always poses a risk for babies. Parents should strive to minimize the chances of a child falling as well as always keep an eye on the infant and product to ensure both are safe.

If, unfortunately, your child was injured by a baby product and you feel the accident was caused by negligence on behalf of the product manufacturer, your family may be able to seek financial compensation that can aid your child’s recovery while ensuring product manufacturers continue to work towards creating children’s items that are 100% safe. To learn more, contact the Milwaukee product liability attorneys at Urban & Taylor today.

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