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How to Spot a Dangerous Truck Driver in Wisconsin

Published on Oct 4, 2017 at 6:13 pm in Truck Accidents.

Imagine you’re driving behind a semi truck on a busy road. Suddenly, you see the truck change lanes without signaling or continuously swerve between lanes. This disrupts and alarms drivers around the truck and could potentially lead to an accident. So how do you spot a dangerous truck driver in Wisconsin?

You learn the signs. When you know what to look for as an attentive and responsible driver, you’ll help keep yourself and others safe on the road. If you see a dangerous truck driver, you should report them. One less reckless driver on the road would benefit all drivers.

What Are Some Common Dangerous Driving Habits?

When you’re driving, it’s important to stay aware of what the other drivers around you are doing. If you see any Wisconsin truck drivers doing the following actions, know that they are endangering themselves and others around them:

  • Swerving Between Lanes. You wouldn’t want to be near a swerving car, but a swerving truck is more dangerous. When semi trucks swerve, they run the risk of jackknifing. The driver hits the breaks, but the second part of the truck in tow doesn’t have enough time to stop. The trailer pushes the front of the truck and forces it to spin, forming an acute angle that looks like a jackknife. Trailers can topple over and impact drivers close to them. If this accident occurs, a large traffic buildup could happen until the police move the truck out of the way.
  • Disobeying the Speed Limit. Whether a truck driver is going too fast or going too slow, they’re not following the given speed limit. A speeding truck driver could crash into another car or cause someone to swerve into another car. A truck driver going too slow isn’t following the regular flow of traffic and might cause disruptions. They could even pay less attention to their surroundings because they think that going slower automatically makes them safer.
  • Not Signaling Turns or Lane Changes. When a semi truck needs to turn or change lanes, they need to use their signal so other drivers know to give them space. Semi trucks have wide turns and need time to slow down to navigate the turn. If truck drivers don’t signal this, other cars could run into the end of the trailer because they misjudged how much space it takes up. You don’t want to be anywhere near a truck driver changing lanes without signaling. If you see this behavior, distance yourself from the truck.
  • Running Traffic Lights. Truck drivers who disobey traffic lights pose a major threat to others around them especially because most drivers think that others will obey traffic lights. Running red lights increases the chance of potentially serious accidents.
  • Ignoring Weather Conditions. While a highway’s speed limit could be 65 mph, you don’t want to drive that fast in inclement weather. When heavy rain or snow limits visibility and makes the road slippery, it’s safer for everyone to drive slowly with headlights on. Sometimes, a truck driver might not take these precautions. If you ever find yourself in this situation, try to distance yourself from the driver.

How to Report a Dangerous Truck Driver

If you ever witness a dangerous truck driver, you first need to take care of your safety. Stay away from the truck driver and then inform the police. You can also contact the Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMCSA), an organization in charge of regulating safe driving speeds and establishing rules for truck drivers to keep them and others safe. This includes how often they need to take breaks from driving and when they need to stop and sleep. You can contact them directly at 1-888-368-7238 or file a report. This small action could potentially save lives.

If a truck driver has hit you and you don’t know how to proceed, we’re here to help. Urban & Taylor are experienced Milwaukee truck accident lawyers who will work with you to get the compensation you need. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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