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When Is a Resort Responsible for Your Injuries?

Published on Oct 25, 2017 at 5:06 pm in Premises Liability.

When you look forward to a vacation, you usually plan what you want to accomplish ahead of time. Whether you want to go to certain restaurants, see certain attractions, or lay out by a pool all day, you expect your vacation to be full of fun and relaxation.

What you don’t expect is the possibility of injury. Sometimes, hotels and resorts neglect to keep their facilities as safe as possible. When you get injured, you lose your vacation and now must deal with recovery and possible medical bills.

If you’re ever in this situation, you might need a resort accident lawyer. Urban & Taylor knows what it takes to fight a premises liability case. When premises owners neglect to update or maintain their property, we’re here to help.

What Are Common Resort Injuries?

Surprisingly, resorts have many common types of injuries. They stem from unmarked areas, little to no upkeep, or possibly dangerous amenities.

  • Slipping and Falling. When an area is slippery or wet, it needs a proper warning so people walking through know to either avoid the area or proceed with caution. Without the warning, people can slip, fall, and injure themselves because the resort didn’t notify them. You can also fall on exposed cords, uneven flooring, and fraying carpets. These are all on the property owner to keep safe and up to date.
  • Old Furniture. Many hotels and resorts put off redecorating for as long as possible because it’s expensive and time-consuming. If one piece of furniture breaks in one room, they probably will keep it around longer than it should. There’s a good chance you’ll be around old furniture. This might be fine, but you could sit on a broken chair or hurt your arm on a jagged armrest. Old desks could mean unstable televisions.
  • Resorts often have pools and hot tubs so guests will enjoy their stay even more. But water brings risk. These areas should be fenced off and locked after hours, so kids can’t access the area. The surfaces must be safe and smooth for people to walk. Chipped concrete can trip people or hurt their feet.

Do You Need a Milwaukee Premises Liability Lawyer?

Have you or a loved one been injured in a hotel or resort due to neglect? Are you struggling with a current injury that was preventable if the owner had safely maintained their property? You have the legal right to take action and you can file a lawsuit for compensation.

Filing a lawsuit can be tricky and overwhelming, but not for the lawyers at Urban & Taylor. We’ll help you through the process and do all we can for your case.

When you file a lawsuit, you’re sending a message to the resort that this isn’t acceptable. They need to have better standards and your lawsuit might make them raise their standards. You could prevent future guest injuries and help make the resort safer for everyone.

Don’t wait another day. Call us at (866) 720-7232 and we’ll discuss your case and what direction is in your best interest.


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