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Important 2018 Wisconsin Law Changes

Published on Jan 3, 2018 at 5:45 pm in Legal News.

Wisconsin residents are going to see a few new changes to the law, as well as some new bills that might pass in 2018. This includes laws at the federal level and the laws that representatives from your state are trying to accomplish for you. Knowing the new laws and learning about the bills will make you more aware and involved with your state.

As we pay close attention to how the laws change and how they affect us, you’ll know your rights in upcoming situations. If someone has infringed on you or a loved one’s rights, you can seek legal action to defend your rights. The personal injury lawyers at Urban & Taylor in Milwaukee have experience in representing citizens who have been wrongfully injured from all over Wisconsin. We’re ready to fight for your rights and help you get compensation for the damages you’ve suffered.

Drunk Driving Bills

In early November, the state Senate passed two bills that will affect Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws. One bill aims to permanently take away a person’s license after two instances: it’s their fourth drunk driving offense or after a second offense that relates to other driving offenses.

The first bill passed 33-0 in the state Senate, showing that Wisconsin lawmakers want to crack down on drunk driving.

The second bill would require both first-time offenders and repeat offender with a BAC of 0.15 or higher to drive with an ignition interlock. These devices work as a breathalyzer and lock on the ignition. The person blows into the device, and if the device detects alcohol, the vehicle’s ignition will lock. The authority that ordered the ignition interlock installation will receive the breathalyzer information.

It’s passed the Senate and the Assembly, so now the bill will go to Governor Walker.

Possible New Drinking Age Bill

Last November, a bill was introduced that would lower the Wisconsin drinking age to 19. Three Republican lawmakers brought this bill forward. They think that if people can serve in the military, fight, and risk their lives for their country at 18, they should be allowed to have a drink at 19.

The bill proposes the age of 19 because of two things. 19-year-olds have graduated from high school and have been an adult for a full year. They’ve had time to acclimate to new responsibilities and no one will have to worry about high school students drinking and getting distracted from their education.

Law enforcement would save time and money if they didn’t have to worry about underage drinking, like on college campuses. Their efforts could go into issues like sexual assault and drug abuse.

Wisconsin already has a law that allows a young adult under 21 to legally drink. They can have a beer with their parents in bars or restaurants.

While some are enthusiastic about this bill, it doesn’t have full support yet. The Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Governor Scott Walker do not support the bill. Also, the only way for this bill to pass is if Wisconsin would keep its federal highway money. Currently, the law states that a state can lose 8 percent of highway funding if they have a drinking age lower than 21.

As we head into the new year, keep an eye out for these upcoming bills and take note if any future laws change as an informed citizen who knows their rights.

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