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Be Safe and Drive Safely This Black Friday

Published on Nov 15, 2017 at 6:15 pm in Car Accidents.

The day after Thanksgiving is its own holiday with hallmarks of big sales and even bigger crowds. People camp out in line to get a good spot to take advantage of the sales on Black Friday. Others come out for the fun of the hustle and bustle.

But even though Black Friday begins the traditional start of the holiday season, this doesn’t mean everyone feels the holiday spirit. Black Friday offers great prices and large, rushing crowds. People usually feel overwhelmed or frustrated. When these emotions affect drivers, they can make mistakes and cause an accident.

Car accidents are always terrible to experience, but they’re worse around the holidays. In the season where everyone has something to do, somewhere to go, and spending money on gifts, having to pay for injuries and damages can be a major setback. But you don’t have to shoulder all the responsibility yourself. The lawyers at Urban & Taylor in Milwaukee, WI can help you with your claim so you won’t have this added stress in the holiday season.

Safe Driving Tips for Black Friday

No matter what time you go shopping on Black Friday, you’re going to deal with crowds. Above all, you need to keep yourself safe and implement safe driving practices to keep others safe.

  • Plan Your Trip. If you have sales you want to look at or specific stores you want to visit, plan out your trip beforehand. You can look at the fastest and alternative routes and what time would be best to go.
  • Use Apps. Apps can update you on traffic. On a busy day like this, accidents or congestion will probably happen. Knowing you can’t take a certain street could save you time and frustration.
  • Drive Defensively. Don’t speed or tailgate. If you see an empty parking spot, drive carefully to it and signal your turn. If someone cuts you off, laying on your horn won’t undo anything. Let “cooler heads prevail” be your holiday shopping mantra.
  • Stay Aware and Alert. Plenty of people and cars will be coming in and out of parking lots. Smaller children could zip out into your lane in a matter of seconds. Drive slowly and always check your mirrors and blind spots when exiting a parking space.
  • Get Rid of Distractions. You might usually enjoy driving while listening to your favorite playlist or radio station, but today might be a good idea to drive in silence. Do you ever turn your music down when you need to find a certain address or street name? Apply this same logic to driving carefully on Black Friday.
  • Consider Shopping Online. Black Friday has its own online deals, but there’s also another holiday that comes after Black Friday: Cyber Monday. If you can get the item you want with the discount online, why not stay in and order from your computer? There’s no risk of getting in altercations with other people and you won’t be stuck in a jostling crowd. If you are purchasing items online, only purchase from sites that you trust.

Do You Need a Milwaukee Car Accident Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Wisconsin car accident, you’re probably dealing with the stress about recovery time and finances. You have the legal right to seek representation to get compensation for your injuries and damages. Urban & Taylor is up for the challenge. Call us today at (866) 720-7232 for a free consultation.

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